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Aspects Of A Negro Life Essay - 1797 Words

Aspects Of A Negro Life Through his political activism and his artwork, Douglas dramatically changed the way other artists viewed African Americans. Politically, he helped found and served as president for the activist organization that drastically assisted with employing thousands of artists. he 1920s and 1930s brought drastic changes to the lives of many African Americans. Geographically, they migrated toward the urban, industrialized North, not only to escape racial prejudices and economic hardships, but also to attain higher social and economic status. This â€Å"Great Migration† transformed the streets of Harlem, New York, and gave rise to cultural changes of the New Negro movement. As this movement gradually gained popularity,†¦show more content†¦Through his political activism and artwork, Douglas was able to reveal the ideas and values exemplified during the Harlem Renaissance, despite significant criticism of his style. With this rebirth of traditional African culture, the number of African American artists rapidly increased. It became difficult for these artists to gain employment, even with the assistance of government work-relief programs, such as the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Set up by President Roosevelt as part of his New Deal program, the WPA offered jobs to thousands of unemployed artists, in an attempt to boost the nation’s morale, as well as stimulate the depressed economy. Despite its good intentions, the government program was unable to pay decent wages and failed to provide employment for nearly five million artists (American). In response to this failure, the Harlem Artist Guild, founded in 1928, aggressively began to work alongside the WPA to ensure the success of African American artists. Led by its first president, Aaron Douglas, the activist organization played an influential role in helping artists attain the recognition necessary to qualify them for the WPA work projects (Bearden 131). With the assistance of Douglas, the Harlem Artist Guild, and the WPA, millions of African American artists succeeded in gaining employment despite the hard times of the 1930s (Artnoir’s). In his own works, Aaron Douglas used a strong,Show MoreRelatedJohn Altoon s Jazz Players From 19501396 Words   |  6 Pagesoutlining geometric shapes along with his use of strong saturated colors. Altoon’s Jazz Players reflects Modernism by exemplifying cubism as well as Harlem Renaissance art through the use of angular, geometric shapes and the depiction of the â€Å"New Negro.† John Altoon was born in 1925 in Los Angeles and died in 1969 at the of age 43 due to a massive heart attack (Orange County Museum of Art Website). Altoon’s other works were known for being involved in L.A. avant-garde during the 1950’s and 1960’sRead MoreThe Negro Artist And The Racial Mountain873 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain† (1926) The article â€Å"The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain† by Hughes (1926), the author shows a situation that the African Americans felt underestimated for being black and attempted to embrace whites’ culture. This was because white people looked down on them during that era. He shows this by expressing his disappointment with a statement made by one of the most promising of the young Negro poets who says that, â€Å"I want to be a poet not a Negro poet,†Read MoreThe Negro And The Racial Mountain976 Words   |  4 Pageshis many notable poems, plays, and novels, Hughes also wrote essays such as The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain which Hughes gives insight into the minds of middle-class and upper-class Negroes. Prior to reading this essay, I never heard of, nor did I know, Langston Hughes composed essays, much less an essay that outwardly depicts aspects of life that most are accustomed to and see nothing wrong with. The Negro and the Racial Mountain form ulated this view that Langston Hughes was more than aRead MoreWhat Does It Mean?1561 Words   |  7 Pagesother civilized manners faced by these people in the world. The writer mentioned a number of causes for the difficulties faced by these people in the world. He divided the book into different chapters and in each chapter he discusses the different aspects of the Nagros people. He used examples to show what was the condition of the people in the early years and what went during the years passed. The writer shows his true love for the black people and want them to be developed as they were in the earlierRead MoreAlain Locke s The New Negro1400 Words   |  6 Pagesreferred as the â€Å"Old Negros† and the newer generation referred to as the â€Å"New Negros† took different outlooks on life. American Negros goal in life at this point in time was to change their mentality. But how? Locke had introduced many readers to the vibrant wondrous world of African Americans. He opened the eyes to what American Negros can do and not what they cannot do, no one should be restricted by any boundaries. One of his most influential writings was â€Å"Enter the New Negro†, its open the mindRead MoreThe Negro Digs Up His Past1700 Words   |  7 Pages Why Dig Up the Past? This article â€Å"The Negro Digs Up His Past’’ by Arthur schomburg on 1925, elaborates more on the struggles of slavery as well as how history tend to be in great need of restoration through mindfully exploring on the past. The article, however started with an interesting sentence which caught my attention, especially when the writer says ‘’The American Negro must remark his past in order to make his future’’ (670). This statement accordingRead MoreMartin Luther Kings I Have a Dream Speech: The Dream Has Been Achieved1587 Words   |  7 Pageswhat can we do to change that?† through a variety of social implications. These social implications, society’s lack of determination to end discrimination and promote equality, society’s careless take on the issue, and society’s lack of awareness of Negro determination have been made apparent in his speech. Through these implications King has made it apparent that his ideal s of freedom and equality are in place to change the way society looks at freedom and equality. My position on this question isRead MoreA Rose for Emily by William Faulkner1250 Words   |  5 PagesColonel Satoris’ law that â€Å"no Negro woman should appear on the streets without an apron† (Faulkner 119-120): a statement that seems somewhat out of place in this paragraph describing Miss Emily when she was alive. The purpose of placing this statement in this paragraph is to remind the reader of what type of culture this story is taking place in. The only African-American character present throughout the story is never referenced by name: solely being referred to as the Negro. This is interesting becauseRead MoreThe Negro Digs Up His Past By Arthur Schomburg1549 Words   |  7 Pages The article â€Å"The Negro Digs Up His Past’’ by Arthur schomburg on 1925, elaborates more on the struggles of slavery as well as how history tend to be in great need of restoration through mindfully exploring on the past. The article, however started with an interesting sentence which caught my attention, especially when the writer says ‘’The American Negro must remark his past in order to make his future’’ (670). This statement according the writer, explains how slavery took away the great deal freedomRead MoreThe Harlem Renaissance And Marcus Garvey s Universal Negro Improvement Association ( Unia )854 Words   |  4 Pagesand Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). This mentality of independence and militance that African Americans adopted which is represented through the actions of Ossian Sweet is what makes up the 1920s cultural construct of the â€Å"New Negro† which allowed me to understand the realness and effectiveness of cultural constructs. The Kansas City Call summed up the general mentality of African Americans during the 1920s with the statement â€Å"The New Negro does not fear the face of day

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The Explosion Of Technology On The Education Scene

Definition of key Terminology/Background The explosion of technology on the education scene in the past few decades has been enormous. Toward the end of 20th century, one of the most frequent suggestions educational leaders made for improving schools was the integration of technology into teaching and learning processes (Henson, 2010, p.63). Mercelle (2000) defined ICT as â€Å"complex and heterogeneous set of good applications and services used for producing, distributing, processing and transforming information-including telecoms, TV and radio broadcasting, computer hardware and software, computer services and electronic media (e.g. Internet, electronic mail, electronic commerce etc.)†. Voogt (2003) explained that ICT is not regarded as a tool which can be added to or used as a substitute of existing teaching method, but it is regarded as an important instrument to support teaching and learning. Henson (2010) added further that â€Å"although substantial progress has been made, the integration is still far from complete, even at the college level† (p.63). Investment in ICT to improve teaching and learning in schools have been initiated by many countries. Nut (2010) mentioned that in the United Kingdom for instance, a research by the British Education Suppliers’ Association (BESA) reported that in 2009-10, UK state schools recorded ICT budget of  £576.8 million. In the United States, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) provided $15 million for a five-year research study to identifyShow MoreRelatedHow Technology is Changing Todays School System1556 Words   |  6 Pagesis a well-known fact that today, technology has had a significant impact on the way individuals work, play, learn and even communicate. Some of the technological advances being used widely in the modern day include but are not in any way limited to personal digital assistants, the world wide net, cell phones, digital cameras as well as computers. With that in mind, education is being seen as one of the areas that s tand to benefit greatly from the use of technology. In this text, I review current researchRead MoreThe Absence of Humanity In the Modern World Essay559 Words   |  3 Pagesadvancement of technology. It shows humanitys lack of respect and appreciation for each other and all that surrounds us. Ultimately, the documentary depicts society as thoughtless robots, devoid of any intelligence or empathy. Koyaanisqatsi wordlessly communicates this by contrasting views of nature and man-made mess of cities, or hotdogs on an assembly line and people boarding a subway train. It also touches on our tendency towards violence and hatred, pushing away enlightenment and education. This playsRead MoreCgi (Computer Generated Imagery)1435 Words   |  6 Pagesanimated movies. Movies made with CGI became easier to produce, more eye appealing, and realistic. The production of movies was entirely renovated. In the world of animation, CGI made the creating and editing of animated movies possible to ch ange a scene in a month rather then a year. Movies have stuck to CGI majority of the time making it the new standard for most viewers, the new type competition between production companies, and the new requirement on resumes for hopeful animators. CGI gave theRead MoreShortage Of Security Professionals : The President Of The Usa And The Department Of Homeland Security Essay1023 Words   |  5 Pageswomen that enter the InfoSec as a career. Technology demands A driving force in technology and the main reason skilled security professionals are in demand is due to our need to be connected to all things at all times. The explosion of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud computing, and IoT Internet of Things (IoT), is bringing a renewed focus on devices in many different industry sectors. This need to stay connected is also a driving force in technology. Customers and enterprises driving the infosecRead MoreComputers in Daily Life1495 Words   |  6 Pagesjob. The advancement of computer technology today in all facets of the world, and life are growing to the point that everyone will need a computer to carry out their everyday life. Computer technology today is at the threshold of making life easier for everyone in the world. Computers are helping students get better grades in school, from help with homework over the internet to doing research for an essay at the local library. According to Rother (2004), Technology has become ingrained in the educationalRead MoreCritical Analysis of Transformers the Movie2553 Words   |  11 Pagesalways wanted to be â€Å"Optimus Prime†, the leader of the Autobots. Now through the advancement in technology in film making we have a few movies made that stem from this cartoon. In this critical analysis paper we will discuss several topics that make this film a great success. While this is a fictional film the audience can still believe that it could be real because of the advancements in technology. In this action packed film it is very important to capture the audience’s attention through cinematographyRead MoreThe History And Use Of Virtual Reality1766 Words   |  8 PagesVirtual Reality The History and Use of Virtual Reality Virtual Reality is seen as a new technology that is starting to take off. However, that is not the case, as virtual reality is older than the average college student. In 1957 a man named Morton Heilig invented a device called the â€Å"Sensorama†. Morton Heilig’s device, â€Å"consisted [of] the following elements: A viewing screen within an enclosed booth which displayed stereoscopic images. Oscillating fans. Audio output (speakers). [and] Devices whichRead MoreFactors Affecting The Investment Market1405 Words   |  6 Pagesthe interests of the Labor Union and it support the minimum wage system, and increase business controls. Also, Most Democrats support a low-cost tuition, the government to maintain school education system which make more students can afford their tuition and help more school-age students to get higher education. Obama is belong to the Democrats, he promoted the Obamacare for existing insurance to provide more security; providing uninsured people choose in their economic ability to pay range; alleviatingRead MoreEssay On Service Reimbursement1741 Words   |  7 Pagesfederal levels are primarily focused in the areas of healthcare delivery system reforms. Specifically, they are interested in issues related to access to healthcare, patient outcomes, quality of care, wellness, health information technology adoption, physician education and provider reimbursements (Clinic, 2017). Also, these activities can take many forms including support of legislation, providing comment on proposed regulations, participating in ad hoc committees, and offering testimony in stateRead MoreVirtual Reality Is An Overall Good For Society2873 Words   |  12 Pages Virtual Reality is an Overall Good to Society For many years people have dreamed of new technologies that can be used for much entertainment. One of these technologic dreams has come to fruition, virtual reality. Truly immersive virtual reality is something that, while it exists, many have not experienced. Going into the future, virtual reality may just become a common item for people to use, rather than an eight hundred dollar headset that only a tech enthusiast would buy. With the growing popularity

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The Effect Of Reading The List Of Operations Names On...

1.What is the effect of reading the list of operations names in Perception Management? I think what the author is trying to show us how many operations are going on during the war. 2.How did the names make you feel? While I was reading the list of operations I felt like I was reading a list of codenames made by grade schoolers. For example, Bone breaker, Wolfhound furry, Lightning hammer, all sound like video game abilities, not military operations 3. What qualities do you think makes this a poem? I don’t really see this as a poem, however if I had to pick a reason why it is a poem i’d have to say because the names of operations flow together. 4. Which of these names might be offensive or disturbing? Why? I really don’t like†¦show more content†¦By becoming apathetic to a situation, I tend to lose all feeling for the situation whether it be positive or negative. 8. I think that the word â€Å"waltz† helps make â€Å"a kind smile† more then just a kind smile. It shows the reader that even though the person is armed with a bazooka he is still a kind person. I think that Solmaz is trying to show that not everyone who serves in the military is cruel. I’m not really sure if I am interpreting this right but to me, the â€Å"waltz† shows me the difference between what the soldier is wearing and who he is. 9. I think that a comparison connects both war and violence with intimacy/courtship by showing that love can be hard and violent, and that intimacy/relationships can cause great damage. 10. The picture is missing from the book. I think this serves as a way to point out that we don’t think of the people who die as real people unless we are connected to them. I also think that when there are pictures of the deceased people don’t tend to look at them because they feel guilty. 11. I think that the author is talking about how people think of as it a taboo to speak in Arabic in the state, where she cur rently resides. I think her language neutralizes by accepting the unspoken rule about the language. I honestly have no idea what is happening here. 12. I think that Solmaz’s poems de-neutralize and de-sanitize by showing her truth behind them. For example, she is being treated unfairly and inShow MoreRelatedCultural Differences in Joint Ventures3468 Words   |  14 Pagesinternational operations have become a reality for an increasing number of corporations. Many of these initial efforts began as simple export schemes to sell goods overseas to supplement domestic sales. Over time, however, international operations have become increasingly more complex: from joint-ventures to purchasing existing foreign firms to ‘green-field start-ups. While export operations usually require no more than extended business trips overseas, more complex international operations demand long-termRead MoreAssessment And Chronic Inflammatory Disorder Of The Airways1665 Words   |  7 Pagesind ividual’s motivation is assessed by conducting assessments and having knowledge regarding their background. Some areas to gather information on include client’s behaviour (attention span, tendency to ask questions, memory, concentration), health beliefs/perception of the health problem, desire to learn, current knowledge level, preferences regarding learning. (Burton 2013) According to developmental theories, Joseph is in †¢ Erikson’s adolescence stage (12-20 year olds), which focuses on achieving a ‘coherentRead MoreManaging Data Resources On A Traditional File Environment Essay2366 Words   |  10 Pages6-1. What are the problems of managing data resources in a traditional file environment? ï  ¬ List and describe each of the components in the data hierarchy. According to the book, we know the data hierarchy include bits, bytes, fields, records, files, and databases. The computer system organizes data in a hierarchy that starts with the bit, which represents either a 0 or a 1. A byte is formed with many bits; it represents on character, number, or symbol. A field is formed with many bytes. A recordRead More Cultural Differences in Joint Ventures Essays3358 Words   |  14 Pagesinternational operations have become a reality for an increasing number of corporations. Many of these initial efforts began as simple export schemes to sell goods overseas to supplement domestic sales. Over time, however, international operations have become increasingly more complex: from joint-ventures to purchasing existing foreign firms to ‘green-field’ start-ups. While export operations usually require no more than extended business trips overseas, more complex international operations demand long-termRead MoreMis Laudon 12th Ed Chapter 5 Answ er7131 Words   |  29 PagesIntelligence: Database and Information Management Student Learning Objectives 1. How does a relational database organize data, and how does it differ from an object-oriented database? 2. What are the principles of a database management system? 3. What are the principal tools and technologies for accessing information from databases to improve business performance and decision making? 4. What is the role of information policy and data administration in the management of organizational data resourcesRead MoreMis Laudon 12th Ed Chapter 5 Answer7145 Words   |  29 PagesIntelligence: Database and Information Management Student Learning Objectives 1. How does a relational database organize data, and how does it differ from an object-oriented database? 2. What are the principles of a database management system? 3. What are the principal tools and technologies for accessing information from databases to improve business performance and decision making? 4. What is the role of information policy and data administration in the management of organizational data resourcesRead MoreThe Theory Of Revenue Management4976 Words   |  20 PagesINTRODUCTION REVENUE MANAGEMENT: OVERVIEW EVOLUTION The theory of revenue management rests on a fundamental approach taken by an organization to optimize its business resources in order to maximize sales and profits. The practice consists on a strategic integration of financial, marketing, and management functions to better align sales to the market forces of supply and demand. Ultimately, organizations employ revenue management systems and frameworks to better price and segment its goods or servicesRead MoreData Paper2773 Words   |  12 Pagescustomers. Your company’s commercial customers utilize a digital certificate multifactor authentication process to access wire transfers, cash management, deposit operations, and account management applications common to all business customers. The problem is that several customers have reported that new user accounts have been set up under their names without their authorization and these accounts are initiating. The main term used in risk analysis Digital certificate multifactor will be definedRead MoreBest Practice in Organizational Safety Culture10041 Words   |  41 PagesOverview of best practice in Organizational Safety Culture Offshore Helicopter Safety Inquiry Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada May 2010 Presented by Aerosafe Risk Management  © Copyright Aerosafe Risk Management, May 2010 This document has been developed by Aerosafe Risk Management (Aerosafe) in reponse to a specific body of work that was commissioned by the Offshore Helicopter Safety Inquiry. The background intellectual property expressed through the methodologies, models, copyrightRead MoreA Report on Using Servqual Model to Assess Service Quality of Airtel7671 Words   |  31 Pagescomplex, so this report maintained its focus mainly on one telecommunication provider that has established itself as one of the premier brand in the industry. We tried to identify the level of services they provide, and customer’s expectation and perception of the services. We used SERVQUAL model to develop the procedures of our research. I hope this report will merit your approval. Sincerely yours Md. Shafaeth Zaman Team Leader: Megamind 20th Batch BBA Program iii Acknowledgment Making a Report

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British And Control Of New World Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper Control The British new there was wealths to be had in the new universe. They weren? T happy with everyone acquiring a piece of the action. They wanted it all for themselves. In order to guarantee that no 1 else was acquiring rich they put many regulations and ordinances on how things were to be done in the settlements. The British wanted to be in control of all trade that was traveling on though out the universe. They started with the Navigation Acts stating at first the ships and crewmembers needed to be either English or Colonial. They subsequently changed that to do it merely the English. They set regulations such as the Manufacturing Acts on wool and Hats they could non fabricate finish goods. All natural stuffs had to be shipped to England, and so back to the settlements in finished goods. In 1776 the British imposed the Currency Act, settlements were no longer allowed to hold paper money. We will write a custom essay sample on British And Control Of New World Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page All because British merchandisers didn? Ts like the thought. As if that wasn? t enough the British were adding one revenue enhancement after another. The Sugar Act was designed to do certain the sugar went merely to England. Ships needed to transport prove of where the sugar came from. The Stamp Act truly pissed the settler off. It was the first internal revenue enhancement directed right at the settler. This revenue enhancement meant that any paperss of importance such as newspapers, playing cards, and legal paperss needed to hold a cast on them, of class this cost the settler money. The settler where really angry, the believed they had helped the British in the Gallic and Indian war, and this was unjust. They revolted in many ways, one being people where pitch and feathered. The Townshend Duties Act was another manner of acquiring more for their money out of the settler. Because they didn? T want to pay internal revenue enhancement, England figured they could acquire them on external revenue enhancement on things such as tea, paper, pigment, lead, and glass. The settler decided it was clip to halt purchasing from Great Britain, and merely purchase goods made in the settlements. The Tea Act of 1773 was another manner to acquire money out of the settler. They took the responsibilities off the British ships transporting tea in order to acquire equal with the monetary value of the Dutch. Thinking the settler would purchase the tea and pay the Tounshend Duties. The settler disgusted with the manner the British where managing things, dressed as Indians and dumped 342 thorax of tea in the seaport. The British where acquiring scared and new they needed military personnels to command the settler. They put together Acts of the Apostless in order to maintain them under control. The Intolerable Acts such as the Boston Port Act was a manner of acquiring back at the settler. England shut down the Boston port from all entrance and surpassing ships. The settlements stuck together and sent goods to the people of Boston. Massachusetts Act restricted the figure of meetings that could be held without the governor? s blessing. The Quartering Act said that military personnels could be anyplace, of all time in the places of settler. As if they didn? t think they had adequate control over the settler, they imposed the Declaratory Act. This acts meant parliament could set up any set of regulations on the settlements. The settler could merely set up with so much dirt from Britain. They had to contend back, and they did. Because of the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and the Townshend Duties, came Non-Importation a gambit to set emphasis on Britain? s economic system. In 1772 the Committee of Correspondence was formed, this enabled the settlements to pass on up and down the seashore. In 1774 the first Continental Congress was created 56 delegates from 12 settlements all but Georgia. I believe the settler had every right to experience and move the manner they did. Thingss may hold been different if they would non hold been so avaricious. I personally am glad things happened the manner they did. I love my free state.

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Archaeopteris - The First Modern Tree on Earth

Archaeopteris - The First Modern Tree on Earth Our earths first modern tree establishing itself in developing forests emerged around 370 million years ago. Ancient plants made it out of water 130 million years earlier but none were considered true trees. True tree growth only came about when plants overcame biomechanical problems to support additional weight. The architecture of the modern tree is defined by evolutionary features of strength that builds in rings to support greater and greater height and weight, of protective bark that shields the cells that conduct water and nutrients from the earth to the furthest leaves, of supportive collars of extra wood that surround the bases of each branch, and of internal layers of wood dovetail at branch junctions to prevent breakage. It took over a hundred million years for this to happen. Archaeopteris, an extinct tree that made up most of the forests across the earths surface in the late Devonian period, is considered by scientists to be the first modern tree. New collected pieces of fossils of the trees wood from Morocco have filled in parts of the puzzle to shed new light. Discovery of Archaeopteris Stephen Scheckler, a professor of biology and geological sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud, of the Institut de lEvolution of Montpellier, France, and Jobst Wendt, of the Geological and Paleontological Institute in Germany, analyzed a trove of these African fossils. They now propose Archaeopteris to be the earliest known modern tree, with buds, reinforced branch joints, and branched trunks similar to todays modern tree. When it appeared, it very quickly became the dominant tree all over the Earth, says Scheckler. On all of the land areas that were habitable, they had this tree. Scheckler goes on to point out, The attachment of branches was the same as modern trees, with swelling at the branch base to form a strengthening collar and with internal layers of wood dovetailed to resist breaking. We had always thought this was modern, but it turns out that the first woody trees on earth had the same design. While other trees quickly met extinction, Archaeopteris made up 90 percent of the forests and stayed around a very long time. With trunks up to three feet wide, the trees grew perhaps 60 to 90 feet tall. Unlike present-day trees, Archaeopteris reproduced by shedding spores instead of seeds. Development of the Modern Ecosystem Archaeopteris stretched out its branches and canopy of leaves to nourish life in the streams. The decaying trunks and leaves and the altered carbon dioxide/oxygen atmosphere abruptly changed ecosystems all over the earth. Its litter fed the streams and was a major factor in the evolution of freshwater fishes, whose numbers and varieties exploded in that time, and influenced the evolution of other marine ecosystems, says Scheckler. It was the first plant to produce an extensive root system, so had a profound impact on soil chemistry. And once these ecosystem changes happened, they were changed for all time.   Archaeopteris made the world almost a modern world in terms of ecosystems that surround us now, Scheckler concludes.

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Sociology Research Method essays

Sociology Research Method essays Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior. As the study of humans in their collective aspect, sociology is concerned with all group activities: economic, social, political, and religious. Sociologists are the researchers of sociology. Sociologist study such areas as bureaucracy, community, deviant behavior, family, public opinion, social change, social mobility, social stratification, and such specific problems as crime, divorce, child abuse, and substance addiction. Sociology tries to determine the laws governing human behavior in social contexts. Sociology focuses on how groups affect the individual. There are many factors that play a role in sociology such as , ethnic background , gender and peers. I find the ways we research and study sociology to be very interesting. I will explain how it is done by sociologists. The ways sociology is researched is by the scientific research method. The scientific research method is pretty standard for most scientific exploration. The scientific research method is a method of posing and answering questions that relies on clear, objective guidelines for gathering and interpreting observable evidence. The steps to the scientific method are as follows. First, of all you are going to want to find to what question of sociology you would like to find the answer. This first step is called defining the problem. When defining the problem, you decide what the purpose of the study is. At this stage in the research you are also trying to figure out what information is needed and how it will be used. Next, you are going to want to review previous research. In this step you will find out what studies have been done on this topic, and what additional information you will be need to gather. After the research is done your going to want to state a hypothesis as to the outcome of the experiment. Technically speaking, the hypothesis is a statement that predicts a relationship betw ...

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Chemistry of hazardous materials Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Chemistry of hazardous materials - Essay Example Thus, not only gloves but also other equipments along with protective measures are also necessary while handling phosphorus (Lenntech, 1998). Phosphorus slowly reacts with water and forms phosphine. It should be noted that Phosphine is a poisonous gas that is released when solids like phosphorus are exposed to water. Therefore, phosphorus becomes a water reactant. When this poisonous gas is exposed to water, it can contribute to the danger to the firefighters because the basic element that they use while extinguishing a fire is water. Thus, water can release oxygen from the water-reactive materials and can add to the fire causing the fire to aggravate rather extinguish. In order, to reduce the fire and finally extinguish it, it is necessary to use dry sand rather water to reduce the risk of aggravation of fire. Thus, it is advisable to the fire fighters to use dry sand while extinguishing the fire that is ignited due to red phosphorus (Burke,